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Decor doesn’t have to be difficult — we chat with interior decorator Rosalyn Lazaruk about where to start


How should a homeowner go about choosing an interior decorator with whom to work?
Get a sense of their work — look at their website, check out their Instagram feed to get a sense of their personality. When it comes down to it, ask friends and colleagues for referrals. This will help you identify who you want to build a personal, comfortable
relationship with.

Before working with an interior decorator, what should a homeowner do to get started?
Have an idea of what you want to work with or on. Walk around your house and plan which rooms you want to address first. Create a list for what you want to keep — heirloom pieces, large furniture. Then, use Pinterest or Houzz to create boards of textiles and colours you like.

What do you find most homeowners do “incorrectly” when creating their decor?
The space planning — scale and proportion. When moving into a new home, particularly from two homes into one. You have furniture from the two homes and it’s hard to identify what will work in the new space. For example, the layout of the family room — where the windows and doors are, how to place large furniture. An interior decorator can draw up a floor plan and suggest where new (or existing) furniture could go. Once homeowners live with it for a year, what wasn’t on the priority list now is, such as adding a feature wall or changing the backsplash. After living in it, you get to know how you live there. Time will help you identify where new decisions need to be made.

What advice can you give to homeowners who want to spruce up their space on their own?
First, identify the “elephant in the room.” You can accomplish this by taking a photo of the space. Because it’s a flat file, you see
things in the photo that you walk past every day and don’t see, like a particular clutter-filled corner. Second, redecorate with things you already have. Put all your decor items together in one space — I use my dining room table. You can see your decor differently and tell a different story with the items you already have — like pairing the cushions from your living room with the lamps from your bedroom, for example.

Rosalyn Lazaruk, owner of Wicket Blue Interiors, has garnered a broad repertoire of experience both in designing personal spaces, and creating intriguing space and design concepts within commercial and event settings. Rosalyn appreciates the intimate relationship between design and self-expression, and is devoted to developing and implementing unique design ideas that reflect the vision and individuality of her clients. From simple redecorating and sprucing up a space with new toss cushions to repainting and creating an entirely new decor scheme. Rosalyn is always looking for the perfect solution for her clients. All they have to do is ask.