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For most people, having a house built for them is a fulfilment of a dream. It might be a first home or a forever home. Getting the design just right, choosing the finishes – that’s exciting stuff. But like most things, there is a first step – and it might surprise you – because it has nothing to do with the actual house. You need to choose a lot.

Of course, you’re going to look for a lot in the area you like, with the amenities you want. Some people like a ravine lot, or one with a view, or perhaps you want to build on a walk-out lot. But, here’s the first question you should ask: Is the lot ready to be built on?

Why does this matter? It’s about timing. By purchasing a fully serviced lot, the site can be prepared for construction almost immediately. Building a house takes time, and there’s no point in delaying matters further by purchasing a lot that still needs to be serviced.

In the Creekwood Collections area of Chappelle, fully serviced lots are still available in a variety of sizes. You can back onto Whitemud Creek Ravine, or choose a pond view. If you hurry, there might be a walk-out lot available. The good news is: the lots are fully serviced. You can start building your home right away.

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