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Enjoying the small town feel and the long-term growth of Creekwood


One year ago when Christine and Craig Powell decided they wanted to move their family of five to a new area, they already had the neighbourhood in mind. They were living in a southeast community but had heard about the growing neighbourhood of Creekwood with new amenities sprouting up, including a new school.

With a 12-year-old, 10-year-old and five-year-old, the couple was thinking that the neighbourhood would be ideal for their family as they grew. Craig and Christine are in a cul-de-sac with undeveloped land right behind them and have easy access to main roads that allows for quick commutes.

The many green spaces are perfect for family walks and the kids especially like that several of the paths — including the one to the grocery store — lead to specific destinations. They’ve seen many birds while walking and on further-out roads, Christine has seen large groups of deer, the largest she’s ever seen.

“It feels like you’re in a little town within itself, especially with the shops opening up and the restaurants and a church nearby,” says Christine.

That small town feel also creates a feeling of safety, especially with tight-knit neighbours. The cul-de-sac has two entrances for people to get in and out, which makes for less traffic and noise than most parts of the city.

Christine grew up in Edmonton, but Craig is from the United States where he played for the Cleveland Browns, Baltimore Ravens and the New York Jets in the NFL.

“Canada in general is safer than the U.S.,” says Craig. “But this neighbourhood in particular is great because everyone looks out for each other. Nobody speeds. It’s just a safe place. Everyone I’ve come across is really honest. If you leave your garage door open, they go and close it for you.”

Nowadays, it can be uncommon to have those strong connections within a neighbourhood, so the couple feels good about setting down long-term roots in the area. Many of their neighbours also have young families and are committed to making the area a good place to live.

More and more neighbourhood amenities are being built and the Powells enjoy seeing familiar faces at the places they frequent. New restaurants are opening up and the area makes it convenient for Christine to drive to her wedding dress shop, Urban Bride Delivered. Another draw for the area, says the couple, is its proximity to the airport. It’s convenient as it’s close to major roads, and in the winter, the kids enjoys skiing at Rabbit Hill, which is also nearby.

Klair Custom Homes built their home and Christine says many of the features that are standard in this builder’s houses — granite throughout, gas appliances, air conditioning — are often upgrades with others. The couple says the builders went above and beyond when it came to helping them feel comfortable in the area. “Any little issue, they helped out — even just visiting the showhomes to see the person who sold us our house,” says Christine.

“They even tell us when new things are happening in the community.”

Those things include many events that, the couple says, are really great for families. This year, the family of five attended CreekwoodStock two days in a row because they enjoyed the music, food and scavenger hunt. The neighbourhood currently does not have its own community league, but there are plans for one. And in the meantime, the people in the area can use a nearby community hall for events.

That sharing of resources just illustrates the overall vibe of the area as one of a tight-knit group of people who look out for each other. The Powells look forward to enjoying watching the community grow alongside their family.


By Caroline Barlott

Photography Curtis Comeau

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