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Simple DIY projects to get your home decor season-ready

With the changing of seasons, we often get this little itch to switch up our decor. As the weather turns colder, I love to do a good fall cleaning and take the opportunity to make some adjustments. When it comes to home decor though, we often get stuck — once we’ve invested in a fabulous sofa, stylish occasional chairs and a coffee table that fits the space perfectly, we may add a few throw pillows, accessories and some pieces of art or family pictures … but that is how it stays year after year. Often, we don’t know how to give a space new life without a major change.

But, by updating the small things like throw pillows, side tables, a coffee table, lamps and artwork, you can completely change the look of a room
without investing a lot of time or money!

I’m often asked which design trends should be followed and how to implement them. Here is the big secret … invest in pieces that will have longevity but use small items (lamps, pillows, etc.) to incorporate the current design trends into your home.

Start your seasonal refresh by creating a plan. Pick up the latest design magazine(s), look on Houzz and Instagram and start compiling photos of spaces that excite you and make you happy. You will start to see something in common in the photos, whether it is a colour thread, a finish or a pattern. This commonality is a good indication of what direction or trend will work for you.

Next, take a look at your space, see where you can make your changes and create a list. Would a new area rug make all the difference? Throw pillows? A new, perfectly styled coffee table could be a game changer. Now you know what you need and have a good idea of what you are looking for. This makes shopping easier and much less like guesswork.

Scandinavian design influences are still prevalent in fall trends this year. Layering those black and white elements with small pops of primary colours
and loads of textures make sure this look does not fall flat! Different weaves in the pillows, throw rug and area rug make this monochromatic style feel warm while still keeping things simple.

This look began with fabulous throw pillows in deep hunter green and floral pillows in rich burgundy, soft blush and classic cream tones. Adding a granite and brass table in a more traditional style gave the space a little tension with the more modern sofa and coffee table. Repeating the floral elements in the rug and adding the soft touches of velvet in the stool and the throw cushions created the additional texture needed to finish off the
more traditional style.

This look is quite eclectic and includes lots of vintage pieces (my personal style)! Vintage Kilim pillows were the jumping-off point. From here, I focused on mixing design styles and interesting objects to complete the look. Brass is strong again this fall and the vintage nesting tables work perfectly with the modern floor lamp. As with every well-designed space, you want to mix colour and texture to create the perfect space.

By Rosalyn Lazaruk