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Why did you choose to build in Creekwood Collections?
It’s a beautiful setting that people haven’t discovered yet. When we’re choosing a location to build, we always look for what a family needs. There’s a good school here, great trees, parks and walking trails. There’s also really good access to other amenities like hospitals, the airport and shopping centres. Close by, there are small shops, gas stations, grocery stores – everything a family needs to enjoy their life and not have to go out of the community to get day-to-day things

What range of home designs do you offer clients that are buying in Creekwood Collections?
We have sizes ranging from about 1,500 square feet up to 5,000 square feet, but we’ll customize to what the customer wants. Our predominant home is with front-attached garages, which we offer in all sizes, including estate and custom sizes.

Who are your homes built for?
The smaller homes are usually for young folks with children – we build those on the lots closer to the school so that’s really perfect for them. Our larger lots are in Crawford Grove and tend to be for move-ups and larger, sometimes multigenerational families. We cater mostly to families at all life stages.

What should someone who purchases one of your homes expect?
We’re a smaller custom builder and when someone builds with us, they deal directly with the owner so they get a lot of hands-on attention. We only build about 20 houses a year which allows us to take time with each customer to make sure we’ve got things right. We want people to have the ability to get a custom house and make it exactly what they want. And because we’re smaller and have a lower overhead, we can price our homes competitively. It’s the best of both worlds.

What can you tell readers about your company’s history?
I started in the homebuilding business in the 1980s as a designer and began building my own homes in the 90s. I was an executive with some of the larger builders when I moved to Edmonton from Saskatchewan in 2004 – it was great to be involved in high-volume, large companies but I always wanted to get back to custom building and spend more time with the customer. In 2007, I started Mill Street Homes and haven’t looked back.

Do you have any news, developments or announcements you would like readers to know about?
We are working on a new showhome which will be open in the spring – we’re excited for people to see it!

We also have a lot of great floor plans available on our website and the beauty is, you can select from any of them and modify it to suit your specific needs and wants. You can pick features from one plan and merge it with features of another. Or you may find that one of our models is perfect for you and we can just build it. We also build spec homes and have a number of move-in ready homes – sometimes people just find exactly what they want and move right in.

What charities or local organizations do you support in Edmonton? Why?
We try to give blood regularly. It’s not a sexy thing to talk about, but it’s something that’s needed all the time, so I always encourage our people to donate blood if they can. We
also donate a lot of our excess building materials to Habitat for Humanity.

What sets your company apart?
We tend to spend more time with our customers than larger builders – it’s really a focus of ours. We visit with them even after they’ve moved in – we want to make sure they’re happy with the product. As a result, we have a lot of repeat and referral clients – sometimes their children come and build with us, and their friends build with us, too. Our hands-on reputation is pretty important to us. We also have very little turn-over in our trade group. We’ve been working together for a long time which keeps our quality levels high.